Oman’s most hi-tech convention centre is now open, set to host exhibition


The world’s most hi-tech convention centre is now open and fully operational to host its first exhibition in Oman next week, according to James Wilson, CEO of Oman Tourism Development Company Omran.

The project, with a size of more than two football fields, can house up to 10,000 people, according to Trevor McCartney, general manager of Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC).

And for the first time in Oman, the 20,000 sqm hall will feature skyfold doors system, a vertically rising, moveable wall that can split the hall into five smaller ones with a click, according to McCartney.

“The kitchen can provide 10,000 meals per day,” he said, adding that the Intercontinental Hotel will be in charge of the catering services of the multipurpose centre.

He explained that the exhibitions which were scheduled to take place in the older centre will be “upgraded” to take place in the new and bigger without any additional costs.

“The upcoming book fair will be opened in this new building,” McCartney announced.

Asked what will be done with the old convention centre, McCartney said that the government has a number for plans for it including turning it into a wedding hall or an outlet mall.

The convention auditorium and both Crowne Plaza, and a five star JW Marriott hotel are also set to open next year, according to McCartney. OCEC is owned and developed by Omran, which is responsible for the master planning and development of the Madinat Al Irfan Urban Centre.