Ibri is getting its own tourism festival. Here’s why you should attend

A tourism festival to be held in Ibri on October 10 will highlight the tourism, heritage, cultural and economic value of the city and the surrounding region.

“Ibri festival is organised by a number of local, public and private institutions, entrepreneurs, small businesses, as well as some volunteer teams,” said an official. He added that the festival will include a number of activities and various tourist events.

Ibri is one of the regional centres in west Oman. It is located 279 kilometres away from the capital city Muscat, and visitors to the Ibri festival can enjoy many traditional and cultural events, chief among them being a camel race.

This authentic Arab sport is especially famous among people residing in the Arabian Peninsula, where camels compete at speeds of up to 64 kilometres per hour on tracks specially built for this kind of race.