Objectives of Student Associations

The Omani Student Associations aim to support their members and develop their activities in scientific, cultural, social, sports, and recreational fields, as well as to promote Omani heritage and modern achievements in the Sultanate of Oman. Additionally, they aim to highlight Omani traditions based on virtue and tolerance, stemming from the teachings of Islam. The student associations seek to achieve their goals by coordinating with the cultural attaché office.
1. Encouraging volunteerism, teamwork, and charity among members.
2. Encouraging members to pursue their hobbies and develop their creative spirit.
3. Focusing on cultural, artistic, sports, social, and scientific activities.
4. Organizing exhibitions, charity markets, and theatrical performances.
5. Collaborating with other clubs and student associations with common interests.
6. Assisting students in their studies and overcoming challenges they face in various aspects such as studying and housing.
7. Helping identify academic, psychological, and social problems and working to find appropriate solutions.
8. Strengthening social bonds and brotherhood among students, promoting cooperation and harmony among them.
9. Fostering a spirit of dialogue, respect for opinions, and enhancing the concept of social work.
10. Working on shaping the integrated and balanced personality of the student.
11. Celebrating national occasions of the Sultanate of Oman and highlighting its historical and cultural aspects, as well as introducing the local community to the country through these aspects.

Contact Information for Student Associations

There are branches of the Omani Student Associations in several cities in Australia and New Zealand (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, Otago, Dunedin). Below is the list of Student Associations in Australia and New Zealand:


Omani Students Association in the state of Victoria (Melbourne)


Omani Students Association in New South Wales (Sydney)


Omani Students Association in Western Australia (Perth)


Omani Students Association in South Australia (Adelaide)


Omani Students Association in Auckland


Omani Students Association in Hamilton


Omani Students Association in Wellington


Omani Students Association in Otago-Dunedin