Student Services

The Cultural Attaché is responsible for facilitation of students' enrolment in universities and ensures the efficient progression of arrival procedures. Students must complete the following steps:

All students are required to register in the electronic system of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. Refer to the link:

Accepting the university offer.

Applying for the student visa directly after obtaining the university offer.

Booking accommodation. Refer to the table.

temporary accommodation و

Homestays with Local Families

Renting a House or Apartment و

Student Dormitories or Halls of Residence
Information available at university websites

Communicating with Omani students in the country of study. Refer to the link:الجمعيات-الطلابية/

Post-arrival Procedures


Communicating with the academic department at the cultural attaché office at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Australia.

Communicating with the president of the Omani Students Association in the country where the student will study. Refer to the link:الجمعيات-الطلابية/

Visiting the university to complete enrolment procedures for the academic program.

Contacting the health insurance company and providing them with the accommodation address for the health insurance card to be sent (for students studying in Australia).


Opening a bank account and sending the bank account details to the cultural attaché office.

Commonwealth Bank

National Bank of Australia

ANZ Bank

Westpac Bank

Completing registration procedures at the cultural attaché office and filling out the required forms listed below:



It is mandatory for sponsored students to send the following documents along with the form via email to the academic department:

The first page of the passport containing the passport holder's personal data.

Oman exit stamp.

Travel ticket.


Copy of financial guarantee.

Copies of passport pages of accompanying family members with entry stamps.

Copy of the final university acceptance letter.

Copy of the student visa.

Completion of the following authorization form, allowing the cultural attaché office to obtain necessary information from the university.

Academic Guidance:

Providing guidance on Australian and New Zealand universities and their academic programs.

Offering academic guidance to students during their study period and addressing any difficulties or academic problems they may encounter at educational institutions.


Supplying students with information about the educational systems in Australia and New Zealand.

Providing advice and assistance to students facing academic issues at universities.

Supporting students with low academic performance and those facing obstacles and caring for them by monitoring their progress until they improve academically.

Providing social, health, and psychological care and assistance to students as needed.


Student Enrolment

The cultural attaché office registers sponsored students from the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation for bachelor's degrees at Australian and New Zealand universities. Additionally, it provides guidance to Omani students interested in studying in these countries regarding available academic programs and universities. For inquiries, the academic department can be contacted through the following channel:

Australia / New Zealand


Australia +61414728003
New Zealand +6421210 6330