Commercial Legalisation Requirements

SerialDocument TypeFee in $AUD
1Commercial Power of Attorney / Original$200
Additional Copy$100
2Commercial Contract / Original$200
Additional Copy$100
3Certificate of Origin / Original$100
Additional Copy$50
4Health Certificate / Original$150
Additional Copy$150
5Halal Certificate/ Original$150
Additional Copy$150
6Cargo or Packing List$150
7Commercial Invoice Valued between US$ 1 to US$ 10,000$250
Additional Copy$125
Commercial Invoice Valued between US$ 10,000 to US$50,000$350
Additional Copy$175
Commercial Invoice Valued between US$ 50,000 to US$100,000$500
Additional Copy$250
Commercial Invoice Valued above US$100,000$750
Additional Copy$375
8Other Commercial Documents not mentioned above (Please contact Consulate to check)$150

-All commercial exporting documents should be wet-ink stamped from the Australian.
-Arab Chamber of Commerce in one of the Australian state capital cities or for other approved Chambers or Councils please contact the Consulate. All other commercial documents such as a power of attorney should be authenticated by the Australian government Department of Foreign Affairs in any of the Australian state capital cities.
-If the goods are not Australian origin, the exporter should send a certified declaration of origin (not an Australian certificate of origin).
-To legalise a certificate of origin we need to legalise the original commercial invoice.
-A pre-paid self-addressed return envelope is required.
-Please allow the process of legalization to take five working days.
-Payment methods: Cash (Correct amount), Australian money order or bank cheque.